Current and past projects

Current and past projects
Rohaley & Sons has completed more than nearly 10,000 utility connections in Bonita Springs. We have been a part of nearly every sewer and potable water project in Bonita Springs for the last 25 years and work closely with private owners to get them hooked up to the city’s sewer and water systems.
Bonita Springs
We are responsible for 75% of all utility connections in the current and past utility expansion projects in Cape Coral. Rohaley & Sons is one of the major plumbing contractors working with homeowners who are being forced to abandon their septic systems and connect to the city’s sewer, potable, and non-potable water systems.
Cape Coral
In the City of Fort Myers, Rohaley & Sons has replaced more than 600 miles of old sewer and water piping as part of a continuing effort to improve the City’s aging infrastructure, and water service installations. Our services include sewer connections, sewer hookups, septic tank abandonments and sewer expansion projects throughout Fort Myers.
Fort Myers
Rohaley & Sons has contracted with the City of Marco Island on its Septic Tank Replacement Program. Many homes on Marco Island were once on septic systems, but homeowners were told they had to hook up to a new sewer system to help improve water quality in the area. Rohaley & Sons helped homeowners abandon their old septic systems and hook up to the municipal sewer system. When our contract with the city ended, we spent another six years contracting directly with property owners on Marco Island.
The Marco Island Septic Tank Replacement Program
The Sanibel Island Lighthouse is located on the eastern end of the 12-mile-long island. The lighthouse, which was first lit in 1884, has seen its ups and downs. As part of a major renovation project, Rohaley & Sons installed a 2-inch water line from a new water meter to the cottages on the lighthouse property. We installed a new potable water line down the service road and underneath the old caretaker’s house, which is currently used for storage. The city, which manages the lighthouse property now, wanted the building to have access to potable water so that the building could be rented out for events. We also ran new water lines for a fish cleaning station when the lighthouse fishing pier was rebuilt. We have repaired, replaced, and run new water lines to every one of Sanibel Island’s parks and beaches.
Sanibel Island Lighthouse
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