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Rohaley & Sons: Your go-to underground sewer contractors

Do you have an issue with your sewer service or need a sewer cleaning? Rohaley & Sons Plumbing Contractors are experts in sanitary sewer, new sewer installation, sewer replacement, and sewer repair. We have the equipment to trace and locate your existing sewer lines and can quickly and easily install new ones or replace existing ones. One of the things that sets us apart from the competition is that we do a lot of hand-digging to keep from making a big mess. We are in and out, and it looks like we were never there.

As Southwest Florida neighborhoods slowly move away from septic systems to municipal sewer systems, it is our job to connect those neighborhoods to the system and handle the septic tank abandonment that comes along with the mandate.

Our expertise is in gravity and vacuum systems. A gravity sewer takes advantage of different elevations to remove unwanted wastewater. Vacuum systems pump sewage from its source to a sewage treatment plant.

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Call Rohaley & Sons if:

  • You are being required by a city or county to get connected to a municipal sewer system.
  • You are a Realtor and purchase a home before you realize it isn’t connected to the municipal sewer system. It needs to be connected before the home can be resold.
  • Your sewer backs up or tree roots clog lines.
  • You have an older sewer system that needs replacing because of constant backups.

Rohaley & Sons is well-versed in getting the approvals and permits necessary to complete sewer connections and sewer hookups. Our dedicated team will help you navigate the process swiftly and affordably with your safety in mind.

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